Healing Session
1 and 1/2 hours for $225.00
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Additional Healing Session
1/2 hour for $75.00

Lynn offers many different shamanic energy healing modalities.

Illumination Process – finding the chakras impacted when a wound or old pattern is triggered and helping the body through the chakras to release the dense energy that the person cannot digest and release on their own.

Extraction Process – removing crystallized energies that coalesce around events such as feeling “punched in the gut”, “stabbed in the back” and other events. Also removing the energies that form from going into dense energies such as fear over and over in life, and sometimes the energy of another spirit, often a loved one that can take up residence in a person.

Soul Retrieval Process – Bringing back traits, gifts, and desirable qualities that may have left the person as a result of some trauma experienced in the person’s life. This can be done for traumas that were ancient, happened in childhood, and more recent events.

Many other advanced processes are also available - such as cutting cords; extracting family curses/patterns, contracts, and karmic patterns; death rites/spirit flight; surrogate death rites, and more.


Lynn is a graduate of the Healing the Light Body School through The Four Winds. She has been a senior teacher for Four Winds for over 15 years, and traveled the world in the process.

Lynn studied with Dick Olney, in his therapist training programs for 6 years. Olney studied with Fritz Perls, Alexander Lowen, Charlotte Silver, Milton Erickson, Alan Watts, Akhter Ahsen, and several Native American shamans. Dick was truly a alchemical result of his studies, stirred into his own poetic soul.

Lynn also attended Natalie Rogers’ Person Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Institute.

Lynn has spent time with many different teachers and traditions in her own soul’s quest for knowledge and spirit.
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Lynn offers a variety of classes that utilize many different practices interwoven together. These practices include: creative process, bioenergetics, guided imagery, meditation, shamanic practices such as journeying, tracking, energy healing, etc.

Lynn’s teaching experience began with classes on creativity in 1988. The class was taught for twelve years at the University of Utah through the graduate school of social work’s, Summer Institute. Through various grants, her course has been offered to groups of therapists, and through various art councils, and to teachers within the school system.
Lynn has been senior faculty for over 15 years for The Four Winds, teaching classes in energy healing and shamanism.

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