Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel
- taught by Lynn Berryhill

2016 Classes

Springdale, Utah

'South' - November 11,12,13

(Dates for all four sessions will be posted soon.)

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The Medicine Wheel – a four-part series

In the Indigenous traditions, the Medicine Wheel journey is taken by an Initiate to become a person of knowledge and power that is to be used for the Good of All.

At a mystical level, we gain a new perception of our selves and our lives, finding right relationship with deep connection to the earth, the universe, and our own connection to Spirit.

At a practical daily life level, we shed our limiting stories and beliefs, change our relationships with our family, Navigate change and unhealthy patterns with grace and ease. Then we can create an incredible life, from the place of our highest possibilities.

The journey consists of the Four Directions, starting in the South and going clockwise around the wheel. Our first journey around the wheel often creates a major shift in our lives. We continue to revisit the wheel throughout our lives deepening our awareness, and making relevant shifts that bring us into alignment with our soul and the higher Good.

South is the direction of the Healer, and The Beauty Way. Like a snake shedding its skin, it is where we shed our past patterns, stories and wounds - our psycho spiritual lineage. It invites us to release old physical attachments and limitations to step more fully into who we are Becoming and to embrace the Beauty of our lives. Sachamama, the Serpent holds the space of the South.

West is the direction of the Peaceful Warrior. Here we learn the ways of the Luminous Warrior - to have no enemies in this world or the next. Here we work with our shadow and release the paradigm of drama and struggle . It is also the place we shed our genetic and karmic lineages.
We track beyond our ego, fear, and death, and the patterns that stalk us through our families.
In the West, we learn to choose our engagements carefully and walk with peace, integrity, and impeccability.
Otorongo, the Jaguar holds the space of the West.

North is the direction of the Teacher - Sage, & the Way of our Soul’s Epic Journey. It is here that this path can become a spiritual path, as we step beyond ego and the roles we play in this life. We practice invisibility - to leave few ripples in our wake. We learn to drink directly from the nectar of life and knowledge. We invite the lineage of the Medicine men and women who have stepped beyond time, to inform us through the ancient memories and wisdom.
The Ancient Ones & Sewa Kenti, the Hummingbird, hold the space of the North.

East is the direction of the Visionary. Here we are guided by a larger perspective, by what is possible not just what is probable. We see through our projections and beliefs to discover what is really true & possible. We step into our own becoming seeing our possibilities. This is the direction of the Visionary, who sees with wisdom, clarity, love, and beauty. Here we step into seeing through the eyes of the heart, dreaming the world into being, and participating in creation.
Kuntu (Condor - Eagle) holds the space of the East.

The Medicine Wheel is a journey taken over a 1 1/2 to 2 year period of time, done in 4 separate sessions.