Awaken and Embrace Your Creativity In All of Your Life



This is a series of two classes intended to build on each other, with 2-3 months between each class.

We will be using art materials, music, movement, experiential exercises, journaling, shamanic journeying, guided meditation, and stillness in these classes.

Embracing Your Creativity
- taught by Lynn Berryhill

Living creatively is a state of being akin to joy.  When we are in it we have a willingness to learn, to explore, and to risk or push our boundaries. We experience an openness that recognizes our soul, our connection to Spirit.  Whether that leads us in the moment to excitement, or to reflection; we are in our hearts and fully alive and present.

- Lynn Berryhill


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Class 1 – EARTH/SOUL – find the beliefs and patterns that block your creativity.  Open & explore your own uniqueness.
In the first class - we will find the beliefs and voices that tell you that you are not creative.  We will do a Soul Retrieval and find a Power Animal and other resources to bring back the energy around our creativity.
We will do a lot of personal exploration about you - the unique individual that you are. We will loosen up and experience your self-expression in action. As you discover more about yourself, how can some of your personal traits actually expand or limit your creativity? We will discover our inner gesture, look at colors, our masculine and feminine energy.
We will seek out and find tools that help you develop our connection to source and stillness, and reflect on how important they are in your longing for joy, love, and vitality.
We will explore finding guides or Soul Friends who may be great supporters in your quest to live creatively. 
We will spend some time looking at the cycles that are natural in life, and how we can make our peace with them, and even learn to respect them, and use them to our advantage.



Creativitiy and Life Force


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Class 2 - SPIRIT – create a clear intentional vision of your creative life, find and align the support and qualities that will bring your vision into form.
We will look at where might we be fed by or blocked by an archetype (or character traits), impacting our creativity. We will explore more those unseen realms where you may be guided in your inspiration. Where does inspiration come for you?
 Then what are our strengths when we express ourselves  - is it color, shape, composition, organization, seeing and feeling through your body, being loose, spontaneous, meticulousness, 2 or 3 dimensions, music, movement, your style of thinking and sorting, your love of beauty, your courage, your tenacity, etc.
From here you will each find the biggest Life/Vision that you can imagine as you create the most creative life possible for you.  What are your tools and your helpers?  We commit to what will support, feed and sustain this vision.  We end with the ceremony of witnessing and honoring each other, and ourselves.




There is a onetime materials fee of $20.

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This two-part series is done with 2-3 months between each class, and it is offered in three formats:

3 day - Friday to late afternoon Sunday,
2 day – Fri & Sat, or Sat & Sun,
6 day – entire series at one time.



Creativity classes:

 Two 3-day classes in Springdale, Utah.
Class 1 - January 22-24, 2016
Class 2 - April 8-10, 2016

Two 3-day classes in Chicago, Illinois.
Class 1 - February 27-29, 2016
Class 2 - April 29 - May 1, 2016

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More 2016 Classes to come!